Aims & Objects 

  1. To make representations on behalf of members to the Government and all organizations with which the Association has common interests
  2. To study and formulate views, observations and recommendations of the ecotourism community in respect of, in particular the state's and in general the nation's socio-economic development, so as to promote other public/private sector organisations, and in furtherance of this object, to contribute towards the development of the national economy and promotion of national unity;
  3. To collect, collate and disseminate information relating to ecotourism, environment, communities, biodiversity and other relevant subject matters;
  4. To seek affiliations with other organizations connected with the international ecotourism industry directly or indirectly, with approval from the relevant authorities
  5. To nominate from among the members, representatives to serve on Committees related to ecotourism industry, either locally or internationally
  6. To encourage the highest ethical standards of business conduct within the tourism and travel industry by formulating a Code of Ethics and National Eco-certification Scheme which shall be approved by a General Meeting of Members and to implement the same
  7. To study, develop and promote the ecotourism industry and to educate the public regarding the industry
  8. To encourage social activities and projects that will promote understanding, goodwill, fellowship and common good amongst Members and members of other local and international tourism bodies.
  9. To organize and to participate in local and international conferences, seminars, trainings, technical tours and such events that will impart knowledge to the Members
  10. To promote fair competition in the spirit of enterprise.
  11. To invest in companies and projects pertaining to the ecotourism industry that would be of benefit to the Association provided prior approval from the General Assembly has been obtained for expenditure exceeding RM50000. All profits derived shall be used to promote the objectives of the Association.
  12. To acquire buildings and assets which would be of benefit to the Association provided prior approval from the General Assembly has been obtained for expenditure exceeding RM50000
  13. To encourage ecotourism activities which are environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable.
  14. To promote development and management of ecotourism sites and ecotourism products guided by ecotourism development objectives, principles and guidelines.
  15. To ensure all ecotourism activities serve the interest of the local communities as well as to ensure its benefits are equitably distributed.
  16. To promote the use of environmentally friendly technologies which saves water and energy consumption, prevent pollution, proper treatment of solid waste and sewerage, as well as encourage recycling among all stakeholders.
  17. Promote ecotourism as a tourism product which can command a higher yield to benefit local communities, promote conservation of natural resources and as viable option for tourism development.
  18. To cooperate with Tourism Malaysia, the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia and other relevant Government bodies and agencies to develop and promote local ecotourism products, activities and destinations.
  19. Raise awareness among all stakeholders on the importance of abiding by the ecotourism guidelines through appropriate conferences, seminars, education and training programmes for tourism professionals and government personnel involved in the development of ecotourism products and activities.
  20. All moneys and profits accruing to the association from participation in any business shall be applied solely towards the furtherance, promotion and execution of the objects of the Association, and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, bonus or profit to any member of the Association. Provided that nothing therein expressed or contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of renumeration or expenses or both to any officer or servant of the Association, or to any member of the Association, or other person or persons for services actually rendered by him or them to the Association.
© Malaysian Ecotourism Association (MEA)
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